Ski Mountaineering Game Concept

We have a character who is a mountaineer or someone seeking ultimate explorations. He is on an endeavour to conquer a high-altitude peak atop a big mountain. He is carrying a bag full of various things to help him in the journey and also a flag to be placed at the end point that has our company’s branding depicted on it.

The path to the top isn’t easy and is full of obstacles, trying to prevent him from reaching his destination. To give a logical order to these obstacles (from easy to tough) and also to make the game more interesting, we have divided the journey into different days that act as different levels.

He begins his journey on the first day and comes across less challenging obstacles like falling trees, small rocks and so on. At the end of the day, he prepares a tent for himself and rests. The next day, he wakes up and continues his onward journey. He meets up with tougher obstacles like small animals, bigger falling rocks and so on. As the days progress obstacles come in the form of dangerous wild animals, avalanches, high-altitude survival issues and so on.

The player should use the character to overcome these obstacles and climb all the peaks to reach the highest one where the branding flag should be placed. He wins the game then. We have various branding options all through the passage like sign boards, direction indicators and so on.


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